Hedvig: Accessible Storage with Secure, Scalable Space

Stop risking your data and start embracing the technology solutions that offer the best backup services you deserve.

GuidesFor Team

One of the many lessons the age of internet has imparted is the importance of security. Surely we already know stories of unfortunate data loss brought by unreliable storage facilities such as an external hard drive crashing down or a network security being infiltrated by stealthy hackers compromising the database. Both private individuals and commercial enterprises, which lack precautionary measures, are vulnerable to data loss.

The present time, however, should already be the time for change. We should already be aware of the IT solutions that can provide security to our life’s works. This is the time to fully engage in backup. Among the various providers out there in the market, there is one that understands the importance of backup and storage: Hedvig.

Hedvig is a software-defined storage solution which, as explained by Webopedia, “can provide functionality such as deduplication, replication…and other backup and restore capabilities across a wide range of server hardware components. The key benefits of software-defined storage over traditional storage are increased flexibility, automated management and cost efficiency.” Hedvig is exactly this kind of storage solution provider, and more.

The company enumerated top seven advantages in their Backup solution:

  1. Customize storage to fit your service levels—Set features on a per volume basis to best fit your protection and disaster recovery requirements.
  2. Deliver predictable, high-speed ingest rates—Ensure data is protected within backup windows.
  3. Improve RPO and RTO service levels agreements—Protect data more frequently and speed recovery to eliminate downtime and data loss.
  4. Protect data across sites and clouds—Automatically replicate data to offsite data centers and clouds for disaster avoidance and high availability.
  5. Create point-in-time snapshots and clones—Support off-host, application consistent backups. Rollback volumes for quick recovery.
  6. Scale seamlessly with an elastic cluster—Scale capacity on-the-fly with your choice of standard commodity servers.
  7. Eliminate forklift upgrades—Refresh hardware non-disruptively by adding new nodes and removing old nodes from the cluster.

Late last year, Hedvig also announced an improvement in their system that will allow for Universal Data Plane. This feature will eliminate the disadvantageous usage of traditional storage. It will give access to deployment of workload on any location while avoiding costly bandwidth and egress cloud fees.

Choosing Hedvig as your backup solution provider gives you the chance to focus on other business matters. You can just place your data into their software and not worry about upgrading should your situation requires for more functionality. This impresses even Mike Rinken, director of Mazzetti, a world provider of MEP engineering design and technology. In his testimonial he mentioned how Hedvig has proven to be very cost-efficient.

The company won the Gold Stevie Award in 2016 recognizing it as the best New Software Product of the Year in Cloud Storage & Backup Solution Category. As noted in Backup Review Hedvig is the “only software-only platform that provides full suite of data services along with support for traditional applications with protocols like iSCSI and NFS while also supporting new applications using object storage interfaces like S3 and Swift”.

Stop risking your data and start embracing the technology solutions that offer the best backup services you deserve.